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Master program

For full-time students and On-the-Job Education students:

- minimum credits for graduation: 24 credits, including 2 credits in Seminar, 2 credits in Research Program, 6 credits in Required Selective Courses, and 14 credits in elective courses.(See the course list as below)
- master's thesis.

- Additional degree requirements, if any, can be found in the general information book for admission.
- If you choose to major in the field of biology materials, additional courses in that field are required. (See the course list as below)
- Required Selectively Courses refer to courses whose id codes start with 「625M」 or 「625U」


Required courses in the Master program

Course Number Teaching Number Course Unit Memo
Forest7000 625 M0020 Seminar 1 2 Semesters
Forest7001 625 M0120 Research Program 1 2 Semesters
Forest7XXX / Forest5XXX 625 MXXXX / 625 UXXXX Required Selective Courses 6 Students are required to take at least 6 units of the master courses offered by the department (course numbers started with 625 M or 625 U).


Additional courses in the Biology Material field are required

Course Number Teaching Number Course Unit Memo
Forest7011 625 M1330 Special Lecture on Forest Products Chemistry 2  
Forest7012 625 M1340 Advanced Wood Chemistry 2  
Forest7021 625 M1580 Advance Wood Physics 2  
Forest7022 625 M1590 Wood Environmental Science 2  
Forest7025 625 M1620 Special Topics in Wood Formation 3  
Forest7035 625 M2440 Special Topics on Utilization of Lignocellulosic Materials 3  
Forest7046 625 M2480 Special Topics on Wood Extractives 2  
Forest7040 625 M3390 Special Topics on Conservation of Wooden Cultural Properties 3  
Forest5008 625 U1560 Environmental Engineering Application of Forest Productindustry 3  
Forest5017 625 U1710 Design and Construction of Wood Structures (Ⅰ) 3  
Forest5018 625 U1720 Design and Construction of Wood Structures (Ⅱ) 3  
Forest5019 625 U1730 Biocomposite Material Science 3  
Forest5025 625 U1830 Plant Cell Wall Biosynthesis and Biochemistry 3  
Forest5076 625 U2300 Biomaterial Applications (in Lifestyle) 3  

Students under the guidance of faculty members in the Biomedical Materials Field are required to complete a minimum of 4 credits from the above courses (these 4 credits are included in the 6-credit courses identified as 625M or 625U Required Selective Courses.

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